ClearWealth brings a holistic approach to retirement plan management.  We are focused on achieving results for your participants through improved plan design, increased deferral rates, low costs, and personal help and support.

We begin where it matters most, helping participants reduce debt to free up the financial resources to save adequately for retirement.  We focus on behavior change to drive your participants to financially sound decisions.  Then we help them save and invest properly for retirement.

People who are busy doing their jobs just don’t have the time and resources to save and invest properly for retirement. National studies show the average deferral rates for 401(k) plans are 6.8% of pay, far below the targeted 15% that allows for a comfortable retirement.


ClearWealth is an independent investment advisory firm dedicated solely to qualified retirement plan management and service. Our unique business structure enables us to keep a trained eye on your retirement plan, watching over it and managing it with the dynamic flexibility that only an independent firm can. We work for you. Period.


We believe in unbiased consultation, full disclosure, and fair compensation. At all times, we conduct business with honesty, fairness, and integrity.


Long-term investment by its very nature requires patience, planning, discipline, and vision. We’ll be there through the highs and lows, keeping our focus on your company’s retirement plan and your successful retirement.


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